• Whether you're a professional developer, or a private landowner looking to subdivide your own backyard, Unit Solutions offer intelligent design and construction solutions for urban redevelopment and land subdivision projects.

    Our specialised team provide feasibility studies, design, planning and construction services. And as part of the Residential Building WA family of companies we are well resourced to service a broad array of projects, from large scale multi-unit villages, through to triplex, duplex and house behind house projects.

    Builders Registration 13053

  • Every successful development project is founded upon a thorough understanding of market conditions. As part of the Residential Building WA family we have a detailed understanding of sales values, planning constraints and construction costs across the entire metropolitan area.

    This understanding allows our design, planning and construction teams to provide you with an accurate feasibility study that makes your financial decision making far easier and exposing you to less risk. What's more, you'll work with a project manager that can lead you through the development process step by step.

  • Securing development finance is rarely easy and it is always costly. With Leapfrog there is no need for bank finance. Nor is there any need to pay bank fees. In fact, Leapfrog makes it possible to develop your property without spending a cent upfront.

    If you have a land holding that you feel offers real development potential then give US a call. We'll ascertain exactly what is required to maximize the sale value of your block, and if you qualify for Leapfrog, we'll manage the development process in partnership with you. Importantly, with Leapfrog we have a vested interest in the success of your project – so we don't profit unless you do.